Suction Lower Dentures

What Are Suction Dentures?

The suction denture is predominantly used in situations where an implant-retained denture cannot work. Example being where the patient simply does not have enough bone structure to support an implant.

Suction Dentures are based on the principles of a regular denture with a  twist.   They are made with a new technique that builds suction into the denture and overall better function. Not only can they be a great improvement in terms of chewing capacity, but you’ll notice less food gets caught underneath them as well.

Denture wearers simply bite down on the dentures once in the mouth. Once they bite down, the air between the denture and the gums will be released one-way through a micro-valve device, therefore, securing the denture in place. This creates a peripheral seal.

Lower Suction Dentures

Learn more about what they are and how they work. Watch the video below and find out the advantages of having a Suction Denture.

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